Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Walk by the beach

Last night, I took a nice walk down by the beach, over to the aquarium and back.First thing we saw was a huge tree whose limbs grow down into the ground.  I think that tree was like 10 feet across.  It is right by the hula mound and people were getting ready to perform. 

I continued down the street towards the aquarium, enjoying a beautiful evening.  The breeze was gently blowing and kept everyone cool.  I enjoyed watching the ocean with all of the swimmers,  The beach has the open ocean so you can head all the way out either swimming, going by boat or surfing.  Another part has a barrier to create a protected swimming area for the kids and others who want calm. 

There was this beautiful area with two waterfalls, flowers and absolutely beautiful oasis in the middle of the crowded walkways. It had several different types of flowers planed around the water and it is soooo soothing. 

When I finally reached the aquarium,  it was closed but out front, it has some well painted rock like creations that are whimsical.  The blue apple looking structure was actually stripped in two colors even though it looks like one color while the other rectangular rock looks kind of like a piece of jewelry.  Whimsical as I said. 

Then I came back and within a block of the hotel, it started to gently rain and was lovely.

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