Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jurassic World and Science Friday

Yesterday, I was listening to Science Friday, a radio program, and they talked to two paleontologists about the real bloopers in Jurassic World.  There were several things they noted about the whole movie.

Dinosaur, Zoo, Velociraptor, Animal
1.  There were no paleontologists in this film.
2.  None of the dinosaurs have feathers, quills or similar things.
3. The velociraptors are actually about the size of a turkey so they are much smaller than portrayed.
Skeleton, Dinosaur, Skull, Paleontology4.  The mosasaurus is actually a marine animal, not a land animal. The scientist called it sea monster and stated they got the teeth right in it.
 These are not the only problems but this all boils down to the idea of "creative license."   Jurassic World is a movie designed to continue the Jurassic Park legacy and to entertain us, not be true to life.

Ohhh the link for Jurassic World takes you to the dinosaur page.  It lists all the dinosaurs found in them movie.  Is the information there correct?  I don't know as I am not a paleontologist.  It is cool. Most of us go see movies to be entertained, not to sit there and pick it apart unless the movie is so bad that its good. I go to movies to enjoy myself and I try hard not to look for errors.

Diver, Octopus, Grasping, Sea, OceanJust as I finished writing this, one more piece of information popped up and I found it absolutely fascinating. 

1. A scientist discovered a species of octopus that walk/run on two arms.  I think that is cool.  They said never call the tentacles  "legs", they are arms.  Furthermore, cephalopod week from June 19 to 25 th and I've provided a link for information.

The hardest thing about today's entry had to do with spelling.  I have trouble trouble spelling which made it difficult looking up the dinosaurs on the internet.  Through perseverance, I found them and hopefully I have them spelled correctly.

NOTE:  There is a strong possibility that I may not be publishing tomorrow because I will not have access to the internet where I am staying and the library is closed.

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