Friday, June 19, 2015

Warthogs and other things.

When you hear the word Warthog, what do you think of?  Most people I know would automatically think of Harry Potter.  The only reason I know anything about Harry Potter is that I had a roommate who loved the movies and insisted I watch them with her.  I know people who bought and read every single book (I have not read any) and own every single movie made from the books. 

A Warthog
Boo all you want, but I've spent much of my time in places with no TV signal, no satellite or cable.  Well, I have finally seen a Warthog in real life.  I will admit it was on one side of the fence and I was on the other but still, I know what one looks like.   Its kind of ugly but seems to have personality.

I even snapped a picture of the information plaque next to the warthog.  So where am I going with this?  Well a young lady I know sat me down to share a British TV series called "Wizards vs Aliens" from the same guy who produced Dr Who, Torchwood, and the Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith.

The basic premise of the show is that there are wizards on the earth who practice magic but keep themselves hidden from the rest of the population.  Aliens come to earth to capture wizards, extract and absorb their magic.  It seems to be more of a kids show but it still had the British humor written into it.

She said all three seasons are currently on NetFlix and its out on DVD for season 1.  Honestly I enjoyed it because the kid who is the wizard is like any other kid, attends a regular school and learns magic from his grandmother who is a bit eccentric but likable.  He uses magic to help him win, get his homework done and can't understand why it shouldn't be used in the ways he uses it.  As I said a normal teenager.....LOL

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