Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Graceful Swimmers.

Jelly Fish
I  love watching jelly fish swim. They move as gracefully through the water as hula dancers.  When I watch them, I hear the song  "Lovely Hula Hands" in my head.  "Graceful as the birds in motion" perfectly describes the movement of jellyfish.  

Jelly Fish
I could spend hours watching them dance undersea. I don't really know how many different varieties of jelly fish there are but all the ones I've seen are beautiful.  The ones I've seen are round and look a bit like an umbrella that gently moves up and down, rippling from the center to the edges.

They are so mesmerizing as they laze through the water. They look as if they don't have a care in the world. If I had to use one word to describe the guys, I'd call them peaceful but you have to be kind of careful around them, because their tentacles can be quite long and sting. 

Jelly Fish.

When I was growing up, we tried to avoid the Portuguese Man of War's which floated on the surface of the ocean. I hated being anywhere near them because their tentacles had one mean sting.  Everyone had their home remedy to ease the pain.  Mine was simple, I rubbed wet sand over the area.
Bluebottle, Portuguese Man O' War
Portuguese Man of War.

I took a quick look at Portuguese Man of Wars and  guess what? Turns out they are not jelly fish but two organisms who work together.  One organism is the base and the other is the tentacles.

I think I'd prefer watching a performance of dancing jelly fish to being anywhere near the Portuguese Man of War, ever.

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