Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whimsicals at the zoo.

I'm discovering that you can find more than animals at the zoo.  I recently went to the Honolulu Zoo and as I wandered through the zoo, I discovered some really neat things. 

Over near the zebra's cage, on a hand rail, I found this little multi - colored worm just hanging there,  being quiet as a mouse but standing out all the same.  The kids around me, really enjoyed the creature.  

Over near the old elephant cage, sits a baby elephant sculpture, looking so cute and adorable.  Its just the right size for the little ones to hug and enjoy.  Even as an adult, I found it absolutely cuddly.....LOL.  They were in the process of moving the elephants closer to the African animals. 

I think they had both Asian and African elephants on display.  I'll share photos another day.

Unfortunately, the hippopotamus display was being renovated so these were the only ones I got to see.  Although these are sculptures, they still look quite lifelike and are so much friendlier than the real ones.  I think size wise, they are sort of the size of babies to teens.

The last piece of art I saw was so beautiful. Dophins, I think, who  were set up on stands and appeared to be swimming through the air.  Soooo graceful. Who ever created these creatures managed to capture their grace and beauty.  Although frozen at a point in time, they look as if they are in motion. 

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