Saturday, June 13, 2015

More from under the sea

It turns out there are several artificial reefs in and  around Waikiki Beach such as the one to the right. This is one of the pyramid shapes that won a design contest and was built about 1990 or so.  Unfortunately just after it was built, it was damaged due to being run over by an airplane.

I bet you are wondering how the airplane ended up far enough under water to run over the pyramid.  Well its one of those weird stories.  The submarine company bought a couple airplanes from Mid-Pacific airlines when it went out of business.  They cleaned the airplanes up and sunk them to the bottom of the ocean for additional  artificial reefs.

Well not long after this was done, a hurricane came through the islands and the force of the ocean pushed the airplane so it bounced over and over until it ran over the pyramid and thus the damage to the pyramid  The airplane that did all the traveling now sits upside down under the sea and is a wonderful playground for many, many fish.

Finally, is the story on the other boat used as an artificial reef.  It has a history that spans World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Believe it or not, this ship was an oil ship that helped deliver oil to various places.  According to the guide, the ship was never damaged and was the only one allowed to carry a gun to protect its self.

Tomorrow is going to be on wildlife.  Ohhh if you are wondering why the photos are kind of blue and hard to see, it has to do with the depth they were taken at.  As you get deeper in the ocean, the red and orange disappear followed by the green so that after a certain depth, only the blue spectrum is visible and it looks kind of dark. 

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