Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun and dance

Last night I had a wonderful time at the hotel.  Every Monday night, the sunset jammers play music for two fun filled hours.  I got back to the hotel just in time to attend the laid back concert and didn't have a chance to grab my camera so I didn't get pictures.

Back to the concert.  The group is composed of ukuleles, bass, guitars and one of those stringed boxes.  Anyway, the group plays lots of local music and intersperses hula numbers between danced by whoever knows the dance.  It is wonderful because it is not a professional show but more like a family gathering with your auntie or cousin dancing and playing.  

Everyone of the dancers might do the hula a little differently depending on who they learned the dance from.  The musicians even played some of Elvis Presley's music like blue suede shoe and nothing but a hound dog in Hawaiian.  It is an experience when you get to hear his music sung in the Hawaiian free.

This show has been going on every week for many, many years and the number of musicians and dancers vary every week.  They even have visitors who play or dance. Last night they had a group of ukulele players from Japan and they played and sang two numbers.

It was awesome, fun, and each and every audience member is part of the family.

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