Sunday, June 14, 2015

Synchronized What?

When you think of synchronized anything, you think of swimming or dance groups or marching bands or even military groups as they march across the landscape but yesterday I stumbled across a new type of synchronization.

When I was over at Ala Moana shopping center, by center stage I had the pleasure of watching Dragon Beat in action. They play Wah Taiko which are special Japanese drums. 

Each drum section is  played in a totally synchronized manner.  It was awesome watching people from like 5 or 6 all the way to middle age or older playing these drums.  Some of the the little ones were barely taller than the drums  they played.

It was really enjoyable listening to the different rhythms of the drums with the synchronized playing and hand movements.  Even when they had to move things around, there was usually one or two people playing so the show kept moving.  As people got the drums into position, people would join in without stopping the music.  
The music they produced made you want to move to the beat, its rhythm rumbled through the floor and up your legs into your body.  I loved every minute of the concert.

They are part of the 36th Pan Pacific Festival happening right now in Hawaii.  Friday night, they closed down several blocks of one of the streets in Waikiki and had a "block" party with 4 or 5 stages, lots of food places and venders.  It was such an awesome experience.

Later tonight, they will have a parade to celebrate the Pan Pacific festival.  It starts around 5PM or so.....LOL.  I have found so many different things happening during my visit that I"ll have material for another couple of weeks and I never got to some of the places I normally visit.  Well that will happen in November, when I return. 

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