Thursday, June 18, 2015

Iolani Palace

Dining Room
 Iolani Palace was first home to the Royal Family and then the center of Government from 1879 to 1969.  King David Kalakaua commissioned the building of the palace using all the most up to date ideas including indoor plumbing (flush toilets) and the telephone.  The King had electricity installed five years after the Palace was completed.

Stained Glass Part of the Ceiling.
 The king was well educated and spoke both Hawaiian and English equally well.  This palace was built so they could entertain others and hold official functions. 

Did you know, King David Kalakaua encouraged the arts in Hawaii, brought back hula and traveled outside of Hawaii?  He was loved by his people.

Modern Flush Bathroom
Based on its beauty, I would say no expense was spared.  It is absolutely beautiful and big.  It is probably bigger than most houses in Beverly Hills.  Although they had other residences, THIS was the one.

King David Kalakaua died early in 1891 and his sister, Queen Liliuokalani became the next ruler.  What is sad, is that she was forced to give up her throne and suffered much.  After she served her time in Iolani Palace, she went back to her house on Washington Place.

Sitting Room of the Bedroom
After Queen Liliuokalani vacated Iolani Palace it became the center of government for almost 75 years before it fell into disrepair but in 1969, the government moved into a new capital building built right next to the palace and the palace was restored.

Today, it is open for tours.  If you do the self guided tour, it can take an hour or two to go through, depending how through you want to be.

Did you know that Queen Liliuokalani wrote approximately 165 songs including the Queen's Prayer which was written during her imprisonment?  

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