Friday, June 26, 2015

Hidden Treasures pt 1

I've been visiting my parents this past week.  They live in a seaside town just south of the Canadian/United States Border. When you stand on the main road, facing north, just next to the harbor, you can see Canada.  In the past, I've seen cars backed up several miles along the freeway as they waited to cross the border.

My daughter and I have been walking all over town with a camera because we spot all these cool sculptures, paintings, etc.  I plan to share a few more tomorrow after I download the current pictures on the camera but in the meantime, I have a few to share.

As we passed one of the vacation places, we spotted this sand castle in the yard.  I suspect it is made out of cement and designed to look like one of those sand castles from our youth or one you might see in a contest.  The whole yard had little treasures hidden here and there.  This place is on the main road, across from the train tracks.
In another yard, we saw this cute bird trying to take off.  It is done so well, you can almost see the wings moving and you expect to see it lift off any minute.  I love the whimsical placement.  It sits in the  middle of the front garden, ready to head off towards Canada.

As soon as I spotted it, my daughter whipped out the camera and started taking pictures of it.  She took photography in school and is now using what she learned.

We found these two birds under the front bushes of one of the older victorian houses.  At first we thought these guys were real but after a minute, we realized they were good fakes.  They look like they are going after worms or bugs under the bushes. 

I love walking around town because if I were driving I would miss so many of these cute sculptures.  Tomorrow, I will share more photos of things I've found including a cat planter, full of sass.

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