Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Art is All Around Us.

Today was one of those day's I needed something so I went to my stash of pictures and realized that there is so much art around us.  The art might be purposely created such as on the side of a bus so it catches every ones eyes.  The artwork advertising a business or a band.  Perhaps its on the wall of a house so that when seen between the two planters, you are suddenly transported away to another place.  There are times when our day has been horrendous and all we want to do is escape and pictures allow that.

I also love looking at nature, whose math is so incredible that each plant provides a beautiful display to see.  There are times, I can just sit in a flower garden, reveling in the different colors and shapes surrounding me.   I think we all need these little bits of beauty be it man-made or natural. 

I have friends who see the beauty in clothing and they love the variations they see there.  Others are captured by the fluidness of coding that causes things to blink, walk, or move.  Have you ever been with a geologist who found a crystal that in there eyes is absolutely perfect?  Or a wood carver who sees the inner grains of the wood to release the inner shape?  Others I know can look at a piece of fabric and turn it into something that speaks to everyone. 

 Even athletes see beauty in their shots.  That perfect shot made in the split second of time to fly through the hoop for three points.  Or that long pass in football that gracefully flies above every ones head to land exactly in the catcher's hand.

Each and everyone of those examples is art in its truest form.

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