Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Did It! # 1

Last night I finished my first, well second robot!  The first one I made was a Legos one but this is the first one I had to really put the electronic parts together! On the lego robot, everything was together in the brain and I just built the rest of it.

This one was partially started.  I took the pieces, assembled it with a bit of swearing, especially when I pulled a couple of wires and had to re solder them.  But with a bit of persistence, I got it done.

I popped in the two batteries, found the switch and wonder of wonder!  The light came on indicating the circuits were functional. I was so afraid I'd get it together and it wouldn't work at all.  After reading the programming directions, I managed to input a sample program and the little creature moved around the kitchen floor!  Yeah!   I did it!

Man, Back, Robot, Cyborg, AndroidIt is designed to have each step put in.  You push the forward button six times, enter, turn left six times, enter, go straight 6 times, etc.  I'm still learning to clear the program so I can start again but it is all one step at a time. 

I hope to get a short video of it moving later in the week but I made my first step!  I know I sound like a kid who finally rode a bike for the first time without falling but this is my bike riding in electronics. 

Just think, today a small robot, tomorrow, the world!

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