Monday, September 14, 2015


Book, Read, Relax, Lilac, Bank, OldI hate buying a book that starts out well and disintegrates into tell rather than show.  You know those books that try to explain everything through the characters and you are sitting there wanting the narrator to shut up and let the information become obvious.

I purchased a book by an author I like and whose books I have really enjoyed in the past.  This book, well I think it might have been an earlier one before her talent developed.

Its one of those "you are going to save the world but in the meantime we need to tell you that your father is not your biological father because your nasty aunt threw a lust spell on your mom and uncle and you are the result of that union.  Your father knows and he's ok with it.  Ohh and by the way, your cousin is really your half brother!

Gag me!  About that time, I gave up and deleted the blasted story.  I also hate those stories that are like 20 pages and what can you tell in 20 pages.  I often buy the free e-books to see if I'll like the author.  I bought one where the girl was bit by some creature and a stranger came through and had sex with her and then disappears.  Ohhh and if you want to know more, buy the next book!  No way am I going to buy anything by that author when it was filled with air.

When I read something, I want to feel something.  I want to have my interest grabbed so that I do not want to put the book down.  I don't want to read about some 18 year old girl who sees this guy she lusts after and they step into a hall to have sex.  I am definitely a bit older and know life.  That is not a safe thing to do anymore.

Thank you for putting up with my rant and I'm sure many of you feel the same!

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