Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yes, I've Been There!

American Samoa, Island, Scenic, Sea
American Samoa
The interesting thing about traveling is you often claim you've been somewhere because you had a layover or stop in that place.  For instance, I've been to many places but only as a stop over or a short weekend visit.

The plane I was on stopped through American Samoa one time on my way to Australia.  It was night and we never actually got off the plane but I can still claim to have been there.

Neuschwanstein, Castle, Germany, Disney
On the other hand, I've been to Germany too.  Again, it was a short stop to drop people off and pick up others.  The difference this time is simply it was day time and I actually saw much of the area surrounding the airport coming in for a landing and taking off.

Of course, I can claim I've been to New York City because I stopped at one of the airports long enough to switch planes on my way to England for a short vacation.  Although, I've been to New York State for a couple of visits because I drove from Pennsylvania, I've never actually seen NYC except on television.

Then again, does driving straight through a state on a 48 hour road trip count as really seeing a state?  I've been through a few states on a cross country trip where I shifted off with another driver, stopping only for food or gas.  What do I remember about some of those states?  Honestly, not much except the only music I could find at night in some places was country.

I do have plans to go back to American Samoa to really check it out.  I also want to see more than just the airport in Germany.  Two more things on my some day list.

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