Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ooooooo, Yeah

Raspberry Pi, Computer, ElectronicsTomorrow is my day to finally put together my Raspberry Pi kit fully and start playing with it.  I've got everything I need, I just haven't had the time to do it before now.  I have the base kit, a small TV, the keyboard and a bunch of other stuff to play with.

 I found this nice website filled with tons of information on using raspberry pi to build projects.  I also found a couple videos on Youtube to help me create these projects. 

The other night I worked on a 4 button robot but I pulled a wire so had to solder it but in the process I misplaced the last piece needed to put it together.  I'll look for the last part but I still have a planetarium to build.  I won't bother with that one for a couple months because it doesn't get dark enough to use for another month or two.  

Kit, Computer, Arduino, Board, ChipI decided it was time for me to learn a new skill or two so I"m going to build electronic things.  I tried doing it years ago when Radio Shack still offered do it yourself kits but the kits disappeared for the longest time and only sold things I was not really interested in.  I just checked their website, clicked the DIY tab and the site said it was all coming. 

On the other hand, my soldering skills are quite rusty so I ordered a kit to relearn to solder and I"ll be making  a flashing European Flashing Siren.  Yeah.  I can hardly wait.  If I manage to put it together tomorrow, I"ll take a picture of it and post.

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