Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Evolving Language

Word, Many, Help, Support, LettersIts interesting how the usage of language changes and whose meanings sometimes fall away. 

1.  Consequence - often associated with negative actions but can refer to something that results from an action.  Such as-
As a consequence of doing well on the test, she earned a scholarship.  This meaning is not used as much as the consequence of his choosing to drive while drunk was being arrested by the police.

2. Provocative - sometimes associated with something sexual, yet it can refer to an idea that stimulates your interest.  There is a chewing gum commercial that is very provocative or intriguing with a connection to dirt and teeth.

3.  Intercourse - Aside from being the name of a town in Pennsylvania, it is often used in a sexual connection yet it used to mean a conversation.


My favorite right now is transparent.  The term transparent is now used to indicate that we should be open so people can see what we are doing.  I remember when people said they were being open.  On the other hand rather than increasing business, you grow your business.  When every I hear someone talk about growing business, I picture a giant watering and fertilizing a building to make it bigger.

I once knew a teacher who said that we really speak two versions of English, written and spoken.  I think I'd add a third to that with the development of text talk.  What do you think?

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  1. there are many more "versions" than two or three
    at work in every english-speaker's daily life.
    if people talked to us like the people on the radio
    routinely talk, we'd judge 'em dangerously crazy (e.g.).
    plug: charles wells on "the mathematical register".