Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Boggles My Mind

Jelly Fish, Sea Life, Fish, StingI was watching a television show the other night when a smack of jellyfish came up!  A what????? I had to look it up on the internet to find out that a smack of jellyfish is a group also known as a bloom or swarm!  Geez, I hear smack and think of wrestling, hear smack and think of wrestling and bloom is what a bunch of flowers do!

So I looked smack up on the internet and learned about some other weird names.
-Parliament of owls
- Intrusion of cockroaches
- Unkindness of ravens
- Cloud of grasshoppers
- Troubling of goldfish
-A knot of frogs
- A bloat of hippos
- A mess of iguanas
- A scourge of mosquitos
- A crash of rhinos
- A zeal of zebras
- A romp of otters
-A quiver of cobras

There are quite a few more of these crazy names.  I actually learned several new things while looking these up.  It was awesome.  I love things like this.

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