Friday, September 4, 2015


Flashes, Night, Weather, Thunderstorm  I love watching thunderstorms capured on video where there is no chance of having your eardrums blown due to a crack overhead.  I love watching the electricity streak across the sky but in person, that is another story.

In Hawaii, they say the Menehunes are bowling and what you hear are the strikes they make.  I love the story because it makes it seem as if the sounds should be a bit more muted and friendly but its way different if you are outside playing and the storm blows in bringing with it the thunder and lightening.  It is scary for me to be outside because I was told all my life that you could get electrocuted if you touched anything during a storm. 

Thunderstorm, Cloud Roller, Turbulence

I've also been camping when those dark, angry clouds stormed across the sky releasing its wrath on campers clustered around a lake.  The wind so strong, it felt as if you would be blown away as you struggle to strike your tent before the boiling clouds turn into tornadoes that scour and rip the earth apart.

I have friends who would love to be out on the prow of a ship so they could see every finger of lightening that plays tag across the sky.  If I am behind a window, safe from attack, I don't mind watching the multicolored lights streak across like children playing tag.

Where I live now, we have few if any thunderstorms to challenge the peace of a beautifully rainy night.  Do I miss living near those storms?  Not at all.  I sleep better and enjoy myself.

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