Sunday, September 13, 2015

It Happened.

Powder Snow, Snow, Sparkle, WinterI spoke with a someone up in Fairbanks and they got half an inch of snow over night!  What did I get?  More rain and mud!  At least frozen much is easier to walk on but right now, I'm not that lucky.

When someone says Fall, we often picture trees whose leaves are changing from green to  orange, yellow or  red in preparation for going dormant.  I love watching the leaves change and I think of maple syrup when I hear the word Fall.  Freshly made maple syrup you can put on waffles, french toast, or pancakes.  In some places in Alaska, they tap the birch trees to make birch syrup which serves the same purpose up here.  There is a growing birch syrup industry up here because birch trees are quite common and grow well.

The only trees I have near me are a few willows that are not much more than waist high.  They've been here for many years but will never get much taller than they are now.  I think that is the only real trees we have.  There are lots of bushes and ground cover but most of it ends up buried under snow.  

Basket, Papago, Indian, Indian BasketOn the other hand, there is a type of grass found locally that is used to make coveted grass baskets.  The grass is cut, brought back and dried.  Once its dried, it is then used to create baskets or hanging pieces of art.  I own both a piece of art and a basket and I've made my own basket before. 

It is always cool learning a new skill.  Enjoy your day.

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