Monday, September 28, 2015

First Snow???????

Snowflakes, Blue, Sky, Winter, ChristmasIt sort of snowed today.  It did snow!  At points the snow came down in a thick blanket of fluffy, swirling, snow.  You could see the individual flakes as they came down and raced across the landscape pushed by the gentle breeze. 

It was beautiful.  When the snow flakes hit the windows, they instantly melted because the heat vent is on top of a bookcase, right under the windows.  It was fun watching the flakes transform into droplets of water that ran down the outside of the windows.

The snow fell twice today with sunny, beautiful sky in between the snow falls.  Even as I write this, the sky is a gorgeous blue outside and you'd never know that it had snowed.  The brown grass still peeks up above the mud covered world and my guess is that it is going to be kind of slick outside. Did the snow stick?  Not here but it did up on the hills in the distance. 
Norway, Fjordlandschaft, Mountains
In fact there has been snow on the mountains in the distance.  How do I feel about the snow coming?  Well, the ground will freeze and I won't have to walk in the mud anymore but any areas where the mud was churned making a mess is going to be hard to walk on.

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