Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finally, A Nice Long Weekend.

Robots, Computers, Bots, CharacterI have been waiting for a nice long weekend for a while so I could play.  I bought several robotic kits earlier this summer but I have not had a chance to work on them.  These are small robots, nothing fancy, nothing but a learning experience.  They have a couple of wheels, the processor and enough other pieces to put it together.

I went in to work and got everything done so that I have time to play.  I have one small kit that will allow me to program it with four buttons. Another one uses Arduino.   I just don't know for sure, which kit I'll do.  I can state with full certainty that I want to make all of them up!  Right now!  Maybe, I'll blow both of them off to build a small drone camera. 

Drone, Helicopter, Aircraft, Fly
OHhhh the choices.  I feel like a little puppy who can't make up its mind on which toy to play with.  Wait!!!!  I have three kits that I can make up over the next three days.  Yes,  maybe I'll do all three. 

I can hardly wait till right after dinner.  I'll start with the first one night and share the results with everyone tomorrow.  I'm off.

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