Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Three Types of Curling

Fitness, Muscles, Exercise, WeightsThe word curling brings different images to people depending on their experiences.  For some it is a type of weightlifting.  I gather it is a common one armed exercise to raise and lower a hand weight to build muscle.   It is very common at the gym.  I do it occasionally to build bone density, not muscle......LOL.

Curling, Team, Olympics, Usa, Ice, SportYears ago, one of the college offered Curling as one of their PE classes.  I think about half the people who signed up were expecting a weight lifting class, not the game where you throw a 42 pound rock down a narrow sheet of ice to hit a bulls eye!  I'm told it began in Scotland and came over to the US. 

One of the towns in Alaska has had a curling rink in town since just after it was founded.  Originally, the curling was held outside on the river ice but now it happens inside where they can control the ice and keep it smoother.

Hair, Curls, Blonde, Long, HairstyleFinally is the curling my cousins love.  The type where they put their hair in curlers to create curls.  I tried it the weekend I graduated from college.  I spent all day Friday in large orange juice cans in the hopes that I would tame my frizzy mess.  My hair looked good until it rained and the moisture cause my hair to frizz.  I tried again on Saturday but it rained again.  I gave up totally.

I just discovered this past summer, I can slightly dampen my hair, wind it around those spiral rods and in 15 min, I have nice spiral curls.  Yeah!!!!!  On the other hand, the minute it rains, the curls turn into frizz. 

Have a nice day everyone.

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