Monday, September 7, 2015

My Six Favorite Places to walk.

Sunset, Ocean, In The EveningMy favorite places to walk are as follows:

1.  Walking by the ocean when its low tide just at sunrise or sunset.  I love the feel of water as it gently rolls across my feet.  You can watch the sailboats, para flyers,  birds, whales, and even just watching the waves bob across the ocean.

2.  Walking through the woods, listening to the leaves crunching under foot.  Listening to the birds as they take off, startled by a walkers approach.  Little creatures scurrying here and there.

3.  Walking along the lake shore early in the morning before sunrise.  Watching the rays of the moon shine down upon the lake bathing it in a gentle light.  The light almost as strong as the light on a cloudy day, yet giving it an almost unreal feel.

4.  Walking across the tundra on a late summer afternoon, watching for patches of ripe berries scattered on top of the slightly higher areas of the landscape.  The wind tickling your ears as it keeps the no-see-ums away.

Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Desert5.  Walking through the desert, enjoying the light colored sand spotted with various cactus and rocks across the horizon.  Walking carefully so as not to attract the attention of snakes and scorpions.

6.  Walking on a drizzly day, doesn't matter where, the drops gently on you and around you, making a tinkly sound on the sidewalk, or a deep thunky on the ground next to you.  

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