Saturday, September 12, 2015

Its That Time of Year

Leaf, Leaves, Yellow, Autumn, FallIts that time of year! Fall is coming and it won't be long till the cold weather starts hitting.  Depending on where you live, fall arrives early or might not hit till November.  Here it can arrive as early as this time in September or wait till the end of October before making itself known. 

Right now, we've got more rain and mud than usual with a cold wind that seems to be constantly blowing.  The type of cold wind that makes you want to pull out your winter coat, gloves and hat so you stay warm.  Fortunately, it hasn't brought the snow yet.

Winter, Snow, NatureI know, snow in September doesn't sound right but it sometimes happens when you are far enough north.  About 18 years ago, a huge snow storm hit on September 10th and blanketed the city in several feet of snow.  It hit in such a way, the trees had not had enough time to go through the process of getting ready for winter.  Many trees had leaves for the whole winter.

The storm caused a massive power failure when the weight of the snow caused lines to break, leaving folks without power for several days.  In fact, the university opened up so people could come stay, take showers or get meals.  It took a while for the roads to get cleared and everything back to normal.

I don't think we are heading that way this winter but I think we are going to have a ton of cold wind blowing most of the winter.  Enjoy your Saturday.

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