Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who Else!

Old Books, Book, Old, Library, EducationAfter reading up on Robert Lewis Stevenson, I wondered what other writers I know have similar lives or ways of getting ideas for writing.  I often wonder how some of the writers go their ideas.

1.  Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge was written after spending the night enjoying his evening in an opium induced dream.

2. Edger Allen Poe published his own work in the magazines he edited.  Turns out he married his 13 year old cousin and had a drinking problem but he knew what the public wanted.  Poe is recognized as starting the detective genre.

3.  Allegedly,  Charles Dickens saw every word he wrote in his head and didn't have to think about the story or plot line.  Although according to my father, his books are so long because he got paid by the word, so the more he wrote, the more he got paid.

4. Apparently, Shakespeare derived his ideas from earlier works and from his imagination.

5.  My favorite.  Mary Shelley suffered a nightmare that inspired her famous story Frankenstein.

Yes little things peek my interest.

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