Friday, June 15, 2018

International Market Place Stage.

  This past Friday, I went to the International Marketplace to check out the entertainment.  Each group had about 20 minutes to share their work.   I didn't get there till around 2 PM because I try to take some time to myself.  The entertainment ran from 1 to 4 PM.  I hope the video works.  It is of some Japanese drummers who shared their music with the audience.  The group ranged in age from about 5 on up and the leader was enthusiastic.  The festival provided a MC who spoke both Japanese and English.

This trio played some wonderful music both western and Taiwanese.  The female member is from Taiwan and played a traditional Chinese stringed instrument that produced some beautiful music.

One of the guys sang the song about flying to the moon while he and the female sang a traditional Taiwanese song about the moon, love, and the heart.  She sang it in Chinese while he sang the verses in English.

A lady who sat next to me, explained it is a very famous Taiwanese song.  It was so beautiful.
 The group that followed came from a university in Japan.  The group has only been together 5 years but did such a wonderful job.  The great thing about these drum groups is the way they play while moving as a well choreographed unit.

They bring excitement to the performance.  You can see some of the moves in the video of the first group.  Many of the rhythms are the same but they are put together to produce the number.
 To the right, you see a group of local Japanese dancers who use a small hand clapper to dance to a modern tune.  The first dance was simple with moves repeated several times through the dance but the second one was much faster and more energetic.

The group invited members of the audience to come and join them in learning the first dance.  It is traditional to share the dance or the drums with visitors so they can learn more about it.
Of course, there are always hula dancers.  The ones to the left are from Japan.  They come here every year to perform either at the International Market Place or the stage at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.    The hulas are beautiful and well done.  Even if they only speak Japanese, most hula dancers know the words to the hulas in Hawaiian. 

At night they have dancing at the hula mound at Kuhio Beach.  Three nights of dance to see the wonderful dancers from Japan.  The group below is from Japan.  The picture was taken at night by the Kuhio Hula mound.

As you read this, I'm just arriving in Germany.  I'll be busy this weekend attending a family member's wedding.  On Monday, I'll have my last blog entry on Hawaii with a few pictures of the Pan Pacific Parade, including one of the cheerleaders.  Don't worry, these are not what you are expecting. 

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

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