Friday, June 1, 2018

On The Road Again!

Luggage Holiday Travel Summer Sea Sun Reco Today is the first day of about three weeks of travel spanning three states and one foreign country.  This is being written while sitting in the Fairbanks airport, waiting for the flight to Anchorage so I can connect to Seattle before finally heading to Hawaii.

Yes, there are direct flights from Anchorage to Honolulu but I had a couple of upgrades I wanted to use for the longest part of the trip and I had to fly through Seattle to find available seats that could be upgraded.

I'm heading to Hawaii so I can present at the Kamehameha School Educational Technology conference early next week.  I go early to enjoy a couple of days to prepare and relax before the conference.  then I've got almost a week there afterwards so I can just have fun and get rid of a lot of my stress.

I'll be taking pictures and sharing as I post but then I head home the 12th but due to the two hour time change, I actually arrive the 13th.  Then on the 14th, I hop a plane to Frankfurt, Germany to attend the wedding of a niece.  She works as a translator for a company there.  In the course of things, she met and fell in love with a German national.  I'm just glad I get to go.

I've only seen Frankfurt from the inside of a plane flying from Scotland back to Vancouver BC years ago.  It was one of those charter companies who regularly ran planes from Vancouver to Scotland to Germany and back.  It looked pretty but I wished I'd had more time to explore things but that was not to be.

I've ordered my rail pass, have my passport, figured out how to go with a small bag and backpack and even figured out where to do my laundry before I have to take off again.  I am excited to get my first taste of a pretzel sandwich, see a real German castle in Heidelberg, visit a garden, and just have fun exploring the countryside in and around.

That will keep me busy till around the  21st of June but I will be posting pictures, sharing new things I've learned and I'll include information.  The castle is a medieval but I'm also going to have a chance to see a 19th century lord's estate with a glass greenhouse.  My niece says their is a bakery right next to where she lives and I can hardly wait to explore that.

I plan to take as many day trips as I can to see things when I'm in Germany.  It is going to be interesting because my mother said her side of the family came over to the United States from Baden-Baden Germany in the early to mid  1800's where they owned a liquor store.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'll be posting as normal and I'll let you know how my talks go.  In fact, I'll even share the information on one talk because its on what our school district is doing to preserve the culture and language.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.

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