Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The kids talked me into playing a pick-up game of basketball this afternoon!  I will admit I am the worlds worst player but I really tried.  I am not kidding about my abilities.  A few years ago, they talked me into trying some three point throws.  I managed to hit two guys, five different times without getting close to the rim!
I am not a great player at all but I thought, why not!  We had eight people and divided up into two teams, four on each team.  I really tried!  I tried to take away the ball, I tried to prevent someone from passing, I tried to do something other than stand there!
Basketball, Net, Ball, Ring, Balanced I noticed that one of the guys on my team threw the ball to the other girl who was on the other team!   It just confused me. Next thing you knew, other players who'd been on the other team now appeared to be on mine!  I finally asked what was going on?  They explained they'd changed players around to make it more even - translation - overcome my inability to play basketball.  I told them I was totally confused about whose team I was and I went to sit on the side of the court and just watch.    I think I need to practice more!  Geeez.

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