Saturday, August 1, 2015

I love learning!

Pirate, Bottle, Rum, Buccaneer, CaptainI am spending the weekend in Woodland Hills, teaching and learning more about costuming.  It is so wonderful.  I am lecturing on 6 different topics from Dorset Buttons, smocking to how world war 2 effected fashion in England and Globally.  Most people who attended gave me lots of kudo's for the material I presented. Yeah!!!!!!!

Woman, Lady, Female, Vintage, DressOn the other hand, I went to a lecture on how to adjust patterns so they really fit.  You learn how to adjust for shoulder slope, for the curve in the upper back, to adjust the front for your body curves.  It was awesome.  Things I never thought of, especially when the pattern just won't fit right.

Vintage, Fashion, Lady, BeautyAnother lecture I went to discussed ways fabric was used for decorations on historical gowns.  It was great because she spoke on bands, flounces, pleating, etc with notes and information of details.  This is all information  didn't know before.  It helps me look at pictures and decipher what is happening.

It is about 11:30 in the evening and I just got back from a formal ball.  Ohhhh , talk about being in a candy store!  Seeing all those awesome outfits, wearable art and Dr. Seuss characters was  like dying and going to heaven.  It was fantastic.  I am extremely tired and need to get to bed but I will have costumes dancing in my head as I sleep. 

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