Thursday, August 13, 2015


Books, Bookshelves, Reading, BookcasesI know many of you will look at the title and go "Yuck!".  I have a love hate relationship with shopping.  I love going to bookstores and just wondering the aisles.  I love the feel of the books in my hands and the smell when you are curled up in a lazyboy in front of the fire.  I've come to a point where I've had to switch to digital books due to space limitations.  I miss so much about real books but the big advantage is I can put tons of books on my tablets and save weight and space in my backpack when I"m traveling.

Raspberries, Fruit, Dessert, RedI love visiting the grocery store and farmers markets to buy fresh produce.  There is nothing better than the aromas of fresh fruit.  Unfortunately, I live in a place with limited fresh produce, so I've signed up to have a box of fresh fruit and veggies shipped out to me every other week.  I added two ears of corn to the box so I can enjoy it before the end of summer.  I arranged for a box filled with fresh organic fruits and vegetables to be shipped so I have a choice of things other than iceburg lettuce, potatoes, oranges, apples and the occasional pepper or cabbage. 

Praline, Chocolates, ChocolateI love online shopping.  I  order so much from online stores.  I've got an order out right now for Indonesian sweet soy sauce, ginger, garlic, green curry sauce and dried coconut milk so I can cook Korean or Thai.  I cannot get these things easily where I live.  We have two stores in town. Both are about the size of a 7-11 or Quicky Mart but the big difference is you will find everything from food to bullets and guns to clothing to some appliances.  I took a class one time that required we use dry ice for an experiment.  I ended  up posting a question on where you get dry ice, the reply was "the grocery store."  They might find it in their local store but not out here. Fortunately, the temperature outside got to about -40 so it worked out fine.

Yes, online shopping can get me anything I want and it is great!

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