Friday, August 14, 2015


Education, A Good Idea, An Array OfCan you believe that summer is almost over and school starts soon?  Here school begins Monday but the first week is spent celebrating the local culture.  For the elementary, that means activities for part of the day in the classroom.  For the middle school, it means going out to gather berries, greens and go fishing.  For the high school, it means going out and camping for three days.  I love going out and camping.  I find it relaxing.

Sunset, Sky, Landscape, Nature, OutdoorThe administration is pushing wellness to the whole staff.  Wellness of mind, body and soul.  I love that idea because so many of us get involved with work and we forget to put aside time for ourselves. Yesterday, after work, I went out on a mile or two mile walk with the first grade teacher.  We went to the Post Office and then out to the old air strip.  We could see so much from the air strip.  We looked at all the berries peaking from among the green plants,  the tall purple flowers waving above the green and the mountains in the distance.  There were beautifully calm lakes off to both sides that sparkled in the sun. 
Alaska, Wilderness, Mountains, Mountain  There was a gentle wind that ruffled our hair while playing with the loose strands around the neck.  Once we got to the end of the strip, we veered off to the tundra to head back to the school.  Ohhh the berries we saw.  On the way back, we passed some of the berry pickers who took advantage of the beautiful day.  I got back to my house feeling so rested and back in one piece.

The best thing was enjoying the silence of my surroundings.  Yes there were times we spoke but other times, we just listened and recharged our weary souls.

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