Friday, August 28, 2015

Snail eeewwwwweeee

Snail, Slimy, Land Snail, ReptilesA few weeks ago, I bought some stuff at a vitamin store near my parents house.  I found quite a few things and at checkout they threw one of those little sample packets in.  You know the ones they give you for hair, hands, face, whatever they want to promote.

The other day, I pulled it out to check it out but I only read the directions to see what part of the body it was used on.  Ok, the directions said put it on your face and neck first, then put your regular moisturizer on it. 

I tried it and it left my skin looking tighter and better.  Great!  I used it a few days and then last night I looked at the name of the stuff.  "Snail" something!  Yes you read that right "Snail!".  So of course I quickly turned the package over and in the middle of the ingredients list was snail something or other.  My first inclination was "Yuck!" because of the image of the slime left by the snail as it walked across leaves and the ground. 

I pictured the slime all over my face and shivered.  But then I paused and realized that the snail ingredient would have been carefully sanitized so the creme was not likely to pass on any cooties to me.......LOL.  Ok, well I think I'm ok with that but will I buy the creme again?  I honestly don't know.  I have to think about it. 

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