Monday, August 10, 2015


Home Office, Notebook, Home, Couch, SofaOk, I finally got back to my apt Wednesday of last week.  I arrived only to be told that I'd have to move out Monday, today, for four days so they could paint it.  Oh and could I box everything on the shelves up?  When I left in May, they said they would take care of fixing it up a bit and it would be done by the time I got back. 

Bedroom, Bed, Room, Home, InteriorWell its not done.  Quite a few people came back to apartments that were covered in plastic and half done.  Geez.  So I spent the weekend trying to pack up as much as I could without killing myself.  I get to spend the next four days staying elsewhere.

I am going to miss my view of the lake, my privacy and being able to do what I want when I want. 

Farm Wagon, Antique, Harvest WagonOn the other hand, I can dream of the day when I build my own house.  Yes, I want to have a house with lots of open space, that is green and sits on a few acres away from people.  I think if I had lived back in the 1800's I would have been one of those who went west to get away from people. 

Remember, I live in a village in Alaska with no more than 1000 people and is accessibly only by air or possibly boat.  You could go to the next largest city of 6000 by snow machine but air is the best way to travel.  That means that even stuff from Amazon takes a while and it is not unheard of for something to take a couple months to get here.

I do enjoy Amazon because I can order almost anything from it.  I get food (Its hard to find sweetened soy sauce here), clothing, books, videos, electronics, etc.  Amazon is the modern Sears for people who live away from the malls.  I saw a copy of the 1897 Sears catalog and it had just about everything you could want from canned food to housing stuff to clothing.  It was fantastic!  I think the only things I have not seen on Amazon are cars, boats, and houses......LOL. 

Have a good day everyone and I hope your Monday is good.

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