Saturday, August 15, 2015


Water, Priroda, Drops, RainWhen I was younger, I hated rain.  I really disliked it when the sky was gray and it was just raining.  Raining and raining and more rain so I couldn't go out.  I thought if it never rained again, I would be sooo happy but as I've grown older, I realize how much we need the rain.

I've actually decided I like watching the rain if it is gentle and teasing.  I love when it stays at a steady pace rather than looking like a gushing faucet.  The steady gentle rain is almost musical if you listen the the pitter patter of the drops hitting the ground.

Peony, Flower, Water, Rain, ButterflyWater, Droplets, Drops, Blue, Liquid  It sounds different when it lands on the ground vs water.  I have a lake in front of my house and it is fun watching the drops splash into the water.  It looks kind of like the first picture.  Have you ever looked at how rain clings to certain things such as roofs and flowers before the drops run into each other enough to force the water off? 

Mud, Rain, Puddle, Dirty, Fun MuddyA round here, we don't get to see the water accumulate on the pavement.  We get oily, slimy mud because much of the dirt is a fine silt rather than the courser mix. Yes people slip and slide in the mud and end up muddy.  It also does not help that there are four wheelers who come throw and splash a bit of mud.  They try to be considerate but the wheels just spew mud no matter what!  I walked home from dancing last night and ended up with mud on my jeans!

We do have some kids who love sliding in the mud just for fun.  I've seen them get all muddy and then take a quick dip in the lake to clean off before heading home.

I'm off to enjoy the music from the rain hitting my porch!  Enjoy your day!

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