Saturday, August 22, 2015

Raising animals

Domestic Goat, Capra Aegagrus HircusWhen my brothers and I were in high school, they decided to start raising goats.  Goats could provide milk, more goats to sell off and raise money and some types you can eat.  So next thing you know, there was a lovely fenced in area for a goat and they joined a local group so they could learn more about goats. 

Goat, Farm Animal, Farm, Animal, NatureSo after a month or so of learning and following leads,  my dad and brothers brought home "The Goat".  I use caps because was a handful and very particular.  Her name was Sherry, like that nice after dinner drink.  Overall, she was rather mellow but she had one unique talent.

She found it easy to escape the confines of her home.  To this day, we don't know how she got out but she did it on a regular basis and she never did it when people were gone.  Every single time she got out of her pen, she causally strolled over to the front door and bleated till someone came out.

Door, Entrance, Front Door, Entry, Enter She wanted a male someone, not a female to escort her back to her pen.  If a female tried, Sherry would refuse to budge and there was no way you could move her.  If a male came out, she would happily walk with them back to her home. 

She loved men and it didn't matter if it was my brothers, dad or any male who stopped by.  She wanted to spend time with the guys.  Some days she'd escape multiple times and walk happily back. 

My brothers had her a couple of years until my parents moved again.

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