Friday, August 7, 2015


Long Beach, California, Sunset, Harbor
Long Beach, California
I spent so much time this summer traveling that when I finally got home the other day, I was happy and I didn't care that the router didn't work.  That is why I didn't post yesterday.  I also went back to work yesterday but was busy catching up on a couple things.

Cheese, Grated, Gouda, Eat, FoodOver the summer I visited so many different states, cities and have become quite familiar with various airports.  For instance, I know the North wing, the C and D wings at Sea-tac airport.  I found a cheese shop in the C wing I didn't know about called Beechers.  I bought some fresh curds and crackers to eat on the plane.  They had only a few cheeses but they looked good.

The cheese curds were so good with the crackers.  The crackers were not over salted and quite crunchy.  They tasted like homemade crackers.  Yummmmm.   I can tell you that if you fly in and out of Los Angeles, do not use LAX. That is the big airport and I don't think I've ever gone through there without hearing the crunch of a fender bender.  I much prefer Burbank or one of the other smaller airports.  It is much nicer.

Coffee Shop, Shop, Store, Coffee, CupI can also tell you Grand Rapids, MI has a nice small airport and the people there are so nice.  On the other hand the Portland airport is quite nice and it has a great area between a restaurant and a coffee place where you can sit, plug in and just relax.  There is a piano that is in the same area and often they have someone playing to provide a nice background.  In fact, everytime I've gone through the Portland Airport, I've found musicians stationed throughout it.

The only frustrating thing to travel now, its when you end up at an airport without free wifi or you are only limited to 30 mins before you have to pay.  I spend so much time catching up with things on my computer.   I'm off to work.

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