Monday, August 31, 2015

The Moon

Full Moon, Moon, Bright, Sky, SpaceIt was such a beautiful morning as I walked to school.  The sky was clear of clouds and that beautiful sky blue that stands out.  In the middle of the blueness rested the moon.  I could see so much on the moon.  The dark areas were visibly contrasting with the light areas.  I felt like I could almost touch it with my hand.  Mmmmmmmmm

Seems to me, I heard they found moisture on the moon in some of the moon.  I don't think they found a pool of water, just molecules and vapor.  Can you believe it?  Water on the moon!  I remember when they said there was no water there.

A few years ago, someone kept telling me about the man in the moon.  She insisted he really existed and could prove it!  I said fine, show me.  She went to a guy's personal website where he posted his beliefs on that topic.  That was her proof.  I pointed out the lack of scientific evidence from reputable sources like NASA or JPL.  She was miffed and stated with full authority that those people were only trying to hide the truth.

Moon Landing, Apollo 11, NasaI know someone who works at JPL and I know they are not "hiding" any man in the moon proof.  I guess the conspiracy theory works for everything from JFK's assassination to the man in the moon!

Someday, I'd love to go up to the moon and check it out.  I'd love to be able to run huge distances in a skip, hop, and a jump.  I'd love to check out the rubble of dirt and the rims of the craters.  I'd love to check the dark side to see how it compares to the front side. 

Maybe some day I'll do it.  Just maybe.

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