Saturday, August 8, 2015

Can I be a ......?

Auto, Car, Sports Car, Cobra, ShelbyOver the summer, I get to watch a lot more movies and television shows.  I even get caught up on some of the current movies.  You know what?  I'm a dreamer, just like many others in the world.  As I watch movies, I picture myself as one of the characters.  You know the one!  I love characters that are nerdy or who can kick rear!  I know that is a contradiction but I want to be that character.

Woman, Cold, Hat, Character, GlassesI saw Fast and Furious Seven just because it was available!  Yeah, I saw myself driving a car through downtown being chased by the bad guys.  In Taken 3, I had to picture a new character for myself who got arrested for nailing the cop who came into the girls restroom with the gun drawn and no identification......LOL.

I think many of us identify with certain characters in books or TV series or movies.  Perhaps it's because we don't think we have exciting lives.  Maybe because we see instant results that we did something good?  Perhaps its because we have that hidden desire to be a hero!

Our dreams are almost like being in "The Secret Life of Walter Middy."  We have those same dreams, desires, but do we really want it to happen?  I don't think so because in most situations, one wrong move and you are dead.  Its living dangerous situations vicariously that appeals to us.

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