Friday, August 21, 2015

Music soothes the soul......

Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, ActorWe all love certain types of music.  Some people like only very specific types of music, others like a greater variety of music.  My tastes are rather eclectic but my dad loves swing/big band type music.  You should see he and my mom get up and dance.  They can still cut a rug even when my dad is decked out in his kilt!  It really isn't hard for me to select music for him because I'm familiar with it.

Silhouettes, Man, Woman, Dance, DancersIf I had to select music for many of my young friends, I would have way too much trouble.  I have no idea of the types of rap music or who is currently the favorite.  I really don't like it so it would be hard for me.  However, my uncle had a unique way of selecting music for my father. 

A bit of background.  My father served a couple terms in the navy and loved to listen to records.  This was before CD's and tapes.  My uncle would go into music stores so he could get a couple of new releases to send to my dad when he was out at sea.

Turntable, Vinyl, Music, Record, DiscoHis method was to go into the music store, listen to a few samples of big band music, and select the ones he hated the most!  You read that right, he chose the ones he hated the most.  My uncle loved classical music so it was hard for him to choose music for my dad.

My dad said that the music my uncle sent was some of the best put out at that time!  He said it worked every single time and my dad ended up with a great selection!

I think if I ever have to buy rap music for anyone, I'll use the same method.........LOL

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