Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Boots, Splash, Rain, Puddle, Fun, Rubber It has rained the past three days and we've got some wonderful muddy puddles outside between work and everywhere else.    Yesterday, I walked over to the post office with a couple of friends.  I took care to walk around the puddles and avoid the mud as much as possible to keep my rain boots dry.

Child, Girl, Rain, Puddle, RaincoatThis morning as I walked over to school in the wind and rain, I realized I didn't have to be careful.  I don't have to keep my feet dry.  I can release my inner child and have fun.

I can dance through the puddles of water!  I can moosh through the mud and enjoy walking in it.  I can just have a blast because I have rain boots.  Rain boots that are designed to keep my feet dry and they come up half way to the knee so I won't even get the bottom of my jeans wet and muddy!   Yeah!

Today when I go walking,  I will let my inner child loose.  I will go through the mud and the puddles and celebrate the joy of being a child again.

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