Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Such a Beautiful Sunset

Sunset, Novovoronezh, SummerThe other night when I flew home for Los Angeles, after attending a neat costuming conference, I flew through Anchorage on the way up to Fairbanks.  When I flew out of Anchorage, it was just after 11 PM and still pretty light.  True darkness sometimes does not arrive till September.

Afterglow, Sunset, Evening SkySo we left Anchorage about 15 to 20 min late due to waiting for the crew to arrive.  As we flew north, I noticed the sky took on the hues of the setting sun.  The 50 min flight took us through the colors of sunset.  By the time we got to Denali (Mt. McKinley), the sky was almost a blood red, rising up from the tops of the mountains.  It was like watching the color start at red, to blood red to almost a black as the rays reached upwards to space.

Sunset, Abendstimmung, Lake, WaterIt is not often I get to actually see a sunset in summer while I"m up in Alaska.  Most of the time, I have to go outside to the lower 48, to see a sunset.  One thing I've noticed is that the closer you are to the Equator, the fast sunset occurs from start to finish.  When I visit Hawaii, it feels like it takes 15 or 20 min from beginning to end but up in Alaska, it is feels more like 2 to 3 hours to go from bright sunshine, through the yellows, oranges, reds to blues and finally into black.  I love when the sky gets to that dark cobalt blue that is one step from black.  I love watching the sun set. 

I hope one day to have a house with a wrap around porch so I can sit on it in the evenings with my cup of tea and just enjoy watching the sun set.

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