Saturday, August 29, 2015

I could have danced all night, strike that.

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As I sat down to write this blog today, the words "I could have danced all night" flashed through my brain.  But out here, that would never happen.  It is more likely to be "I could have played basketball all night".   There was an open gym night last night.  Folks came to play basketball last night for two hours.  As soon as the time was over, several of the folks adjourned to the basketball court to play more basketball until the sun went down an hour later.

Basketball, Sport, Ball, Basket, Litter  They play basketball before school, at recess, at lunch, after school, in the evening.  Even the town people will head off to play at the outdoor basketball courts until they are covered with snow and inaccessible.

I know this is not the only place people play basketball all the time but I think its different here in that they do not play with the hopes of being the next famous basketball player. For them, its a way of staying involved.  Most of the people here are not very tall and are not up to national basketball levels.  They also play for the fun of it.

The town even has a basketball league in the winter.  I discovered the old man's teams take people 35 and older but you usually don't see a 50 year old on the same team was a 35 year old.  I watched two old men's teams play and it was so funny.  It looked a bit like the Key Stone Cops with one man passing the ball and another missing it so it hit the ground.  Some one else passed it and it ended up rolling across the floor between lets.  Of course, some of the balls ended up really helping the other team.

The audience for that game spent most of it laughing hysterically.  The game was so entertaining and I actually enjoyed myself tremendously.  I do not like basketball normally but this game, I loved.

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