Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Police, Crime Scene, Blue LightI was watching one of those crime investigation programs last night and realized that although time does pass, it passes in such a weird way that you don't know how long solving a crime would take in real life.  I now know it takes a very long time because the police want to do a proper job.

Detective, Clues, Police Work, FindLast year, a young lady lost her life one evening around the beginning of school.  It was sad because she was so nice and sweet and she was brutally killed and her body was dumped behind the clinic in town.  They closed off the whole area and spent a few days gathering evidence, interviewing people, etc.  And then nothing!

In the absence of anything happening, rumors flew.  Well happening here.  In the background, the labs were processing the evidence collected.  It can take 6 to 8 months for evidence to be processed but we felt it should be faster because on tele it happens in one hour.

They finally found the person who committed the murder and arrested him.  It was someone who has had a very troubled life and got lost along the way.  He goes to trial in a couple of months.  How do I feel as I do know him?  I am torn between sorrow and joy that he was caught.  I am sorry for his family but it is good to know they resolved the case and gave peace to her family and friends.

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