Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Future plans

Leopard, Wildcat, Big Cat, BotswanaI have decided I would like to go on a photo safari.  Make that several photo safari's.  I'd love to go on one in Africa, just like my sister.  She told us all about staying in tents, going to the bathroom and having to watch out for various animals. 

Maybe swing down to Madagascar to check out the unique wild life there.  I'd also love to see the vanilla bean orchids since Madagascar is reputed to produce some of the best vanilla in the world.
Vanilla, Food, Organic, SpiceJust think about how wonderful the smell would be!  Ohhhh Yeah.

Then maybe I'd pop over to the Galapagos Islands to see the huge tortoises.  I'm told that you can get up close enough to touch them!  I'd love to sit and watch them in the wild.  I don't want to touch them, just take photos of them in their natural habitat. 

During one visit to the Big Island, I stopped through the black sand beach,where some of the local turtles come out of the water to lie on the warm sand.  They are beautiful creatures and there are signs posted all over warning people not to touch the turtles.  I cannot tell you how many people insisted they have their pictures taken while touching or petting the animals.  I prefer watching them.

After watching the tortoises, I think I'd take a cruise near the Antarctica so I can watch birds down there.  Not the penguins, other summer birds.  From there it would be up to the catch some of the Amazon Basin.  I'd like to check it out before it is all destroyed by modernization. 

I could list more places and take a full year to do an around the world photo tour!  Some day!  It is always good to have a list of things to do some day.

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