Thursday, August 27, 2015


Freerider, Skiing, Ski, Sports, AlpineI have done down hill skiing one time in my life and I've never water skied. There is a reason I have only tried downhill skiing one time.  I take that back, there are several reasons. 

First, it is extremely intimidating to be on the bunny hill while watching a 6 year old when you are quite a bit older.  I could not believe how fast those little ones went going down the hill.

Second, I did sign up for a lesson so I'd have half an idea what I was doing.  During the lesson, I asked the instructor how to stop if you started to go down hill backwards.  He told me that it couldn't happen.  Well guess what!  He lied!  I was trying to get the rope tow so I could go up the baby hill and I ended up on the wrong part and went down the hill backwards.  The only reason I stopped?  I ran into a tree butt first!  I had trouble sitting for a couple of days.

Finally, I think the only thing I really like about the whole adventure, was later that day while sitting in front of a fire while drinking a hot cup of cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows.  Everyone tells me I should give it another chance but I'm still thinking about it.

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