Saturday, October 17, 2015

10 Cool Facts about Snow

Frost, Ice Crystal, Ice, Form, Fabric The idea on today's blog came about when I opened my front door and found a light layer of snow on the ground.  I know its not very cold out there because I didn't see any ice on the lake and there was no chill in the air.  The snow just appeared overnight.  When I walked home around 10:30 last night, the sky was clear and filled with stars, so this was a total surprise.  There was even a prediction for auroral displays but I didn't see anything and I wasn't up late enough for it.

1.  Snow flakes can be identical!  Scientists found two identical flakes in Wisconsin back in 1988.

2. All snowflakes have six sides.

3.  If the temperature is cold enough, it may not snow because there is not enough moisture in the air.

4.  The average snow flake falls at just over 3mph.

5.  The largest recorded snow flake was just over 15 inches across and 8 inches thick.

6. Contrary to popular opinion, snow flakes are actually translucent.

7.  80 percent of the earths fresh water is frozen covering just over 12 percent of the planet.

8. Ten inches of snow melts down to one inch of water.

9.  There was a pink snow in Russia back in 2010 that was named watermelon snow because it both smelled sweet and tasted sweet.

10.  Snow often appears colored because it takes on the color of things by it or the light is filtered out.

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