Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Storm Ravaged.

Flood, Tennessee, River, Damage, Danger  The other day a storm blew in.  One that you might not have heard of but severe enough to cause flooding and other problems in a town, just down the coast and around the bend.

Here it felt a bit like a Nor-Eastern of the type you might experience in Maine.  The wind blew hard enough to turn rain drops into stinging missiles that pelted us hard.  Even the water in the lake was blown to the shore and the river eroded more of the edges.  Some of the boats were pushed into others but it wasn't bad.

At least compared to our neighbors who are directly on the sea.  Many of their boats were thrown against the shore, putting holes in the sides or shoving water over the side so the boats partially sank.  Many boats will need serious repair.   Its going to be hard for those people because their boats are an intimate part of their lives, much like a car is for most people. 

They use the boat for travel, hunting, fishing, living and it is their lifeline to survival.  I realize you may think I'm exaggerating but what would happen to you if you had no car and no bus system.  No way to go get your dinner?  It would be hard.  I'm not sure there was enough wide spread damage to call it a disaster area.  I don't think it made more than the local news.  Still all in all it was devastating for people there.

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