Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Expensive Dog and of course Cats!

Bordeaux, Dog, De, Dogue, Water, Muddy A couple years ago, I read about a Tibetian Mastiff in the newspaper.  You would think that a dog can be special but not $2 million special!  You read that correctly.  This variety of Mastiff resembles a baby lion and is considered a luxury item for the newly rich Chinese.  Can you imagine paying so much for an ancient dog just because its a status symbol?   I know I could use the $2 million on other things.

Sphynx, Cat, Race Cat, Bald, Hairless
On the other hand, I've periodically seen a cat that looks like an owl with its fur spread out all around its face and looks like feathers while another looks kind of like a combination cat/dog.  Check this one out.  Its called a Sphinx.

Sofa, Couch, Cat, British ShorthairThis next one looks so much like the cartoon character "Garfield" but its a British short hair cat.

I've heard that certain cats can be quite protective.  Years ago, I had a friend who owned a Siamese cat.  Apparently, the landlady came in one day without giving 24 hour notice and the cat attacked her.  She called the police who came to investigate.  My friend invited them in and the police sat down. The cat climbed in a lap, purring and being so friendly. So the cops were surprised to find out that the "attack" cat was seated in their laps.......LOL.

Cat, White, Fur, Blue Eyes, BeautifulAnother friend had a cat who had such short legs, her tummy dragged on the ground.  It was fun watching the cat go up and down the stairs while its tummy dragged along the stairs.

I do not own any animals right now because of my situation.  In the past, I've had dogs, cats, birds, and of course the mandatory fish in the fish bowl.....LOL.

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