Saturday, October 24, 2015

Woman Cave

Cave, Cave Entrance, Caves PortalI mentioned to one of the guys at work that I needed to make me a woman cave to hide n when things get bad.  He informed me that women do not have caves!  When I asked how come, he couldn't answer.  Is the idea of a cave somewhere you can go hide, hang, and work on thing? 

I guess women have sewing rooms as their caves.  Its basically the same thing, a place where you can go to hide and do your thing. I know I"ll have something between a sewing room and a cave.  I have to have a room with my crafts, books, sewing machine, dance space, sofa to relax on and possibly a TV/CD player so I can just do everything I need.  It would be my place to escape to when I need that time alone.  This would not be a business office, its a place to relax, to explore, to be alone.

I also need my gardening space where I can start plants, grow my container plans, have my green house or polytunnel, worm farm area, compost heap and table and chairs in the middle of my flowing garden.  Last night I looked on line for places that offered certain unusual fruits and vegetables that are perennial and are edible.  I looked for things I could plant with an eye to having edible landscaping.  

In one book I saw this great backyard with a pool, a shaded place to lie down, an outdoor kitchen and so many plants you'd want to live outside all the time. I like the idea of having a place to cook when its too hot to cook inside.  It saves on energy and if the night is too hot, you could sleep outside where its nice assuming you don't have mosquitoes.  I wonder could your cave be something like that outdoors?  Or does it always have to be inside?

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