Monday, October 12, 2015


Thailand, Asia, South-East Asia, Tourism  I love looking at places I'd love to go check out, visit, or maybe move to.  When I was in college, I thought I'd go hike up in Nepal when I graduated or maybe go backpacking around Europe.  I thought about those things because its what you do as a twenty something.

I didn't make it to Europe till much later and I'm still looking at taking time to wander around Asia.  I've been reading some of the newer type of cookbooks.  Cookbooks that are travelogues combined with recipes they discovered on their travels.

I love reading about stopping in a little hole in the wall noodle shop and providing a recipe for a noodle dish.  I often take the recipe and adjust it slightly so I can make it with the materials I have in my kitchen at the time.  I cannot just pop down to a specialty store to get things, I have to order them in.

It is fun wondering what it might be like now to follow the same path as the authors of the book.  Is the little hotel they talked about in each village still there?  Is the noodle maker there with her small stall?  Is the ferry where it was?  I realize each book is a glimpse of someone's life at a certain point in time.  Its a verbal snap shot that draws us in and makes us really enjoy ourselves.

I end up reading this type of took again and again just because the descriptions draw me in.  Hmmmm, maybe some day I could do a trip and collect recipes to create my own travelogue.  Perhaps I'll publish it for family members only.  Who knows.  Its a thought.

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